SBS Pandemic Toolkit

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Patricia Holle

05 Mar 2020



Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit

This toolkit will allow your organization to have confidence in your ability to handle a pandemic situation. The following files are included in this toolkit:

SBS Resources

· Pandemic Preparedness Policy

· Pandemic Preparedness Plan

· Pandemic Preparedness Tabletop – Coronavirus

· Pandemic Preparedness Regulatory Checklist

· Pandemic Preparedness Vendor Management Letter

· Pandemic Preparedness Testing Questions

· ISP (Information Security Program) Diagram

· Pandemic Preparedness Roadmap

Additional Resources

· 2020 FFIEC Statement on Pandemic Planning  

· 2019 FFIEC Business Continuity Management

· FDIC Interagency Statement on Pandemic Planning

· CDC and APIC Pandemic Awareness Posters

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 605-923-8722.



Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit
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